Plus size c-section recovery diary (28 days)

In April 2021 I welcomed my second daughter, Aurora, by caesarean section. I’ve previously shared Aurora’s birth story. This was my second caesarean and as my first was an emergency, and my second an elective that was brought forward 2-3 weeks, I decided to keep a diary of my pain and symptoms for the first 28 days in the hope it may help someone.

Hopefully this recovery diary will help another plus size Mum, to know what is normal, and perhaps what kind of preparations to make ready for the recovery period if you’re going to have a c-section yourself, or want to support someone who is.

For me I found that my second c-section was easier to recover from than the first, possibly because of the emergency element to my first one. My second c-section was booked two days before it happened, and while I was first up on the day due to some blood pressure issues from pre-eclampsia it was all very straightforward and much less dramatic.

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