Dairy free oat biscuits [DF, GF, SF]

When making dairy free items I’m always pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to convert basic baking items. For butter, we typically substitute with Vitalite (the sunflower one) and for milk, we use almond milk, which is our preferred dairy free alternative. These dairy free oat biscuits have been a favourite in our home for a couple of years now. They are simple to make, fairly cheap and you can freeze the dough or the leftovers too. The ingredients I have used are dairy free, soya free (soya lecithin may appear in the specific ingredients I used) and gluten free. Please ensure you always check the ingredients you are using, as ingredients may vary by brand. Scroll down near the end of this recipe for the recipe card to get started right away! If you want a version of these biscuits with dairy and gluten then check out these homemade oat biscuits.

Five dairy free oat biscuits
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